Dyson DC23 TurbineHead

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If you are not satisfied with your old cleaning unit, then you probably need a new one – one that can completely clean your entire house! One of the best home cleaning units today is the Dyson DC23. This vacuum delivers a superior suction power of 220 air watts, leaving your house totally spotless. This vacuum also has a ton of features to offer, making the clean-up more efficient and convenient. Manufactured by Dyson, this high performance vacuum is built to last. It’s heavy duty materials make this unit extremely durable.

Dyson TrubineHead can be used by anyone who wants to maintain cleanliness at home. It quickly picks up all dirt and dust particles, which makes every clean-up even easier without taking up a lot of time. It measures 13.6 x 23.9 x 15.9 inches and weighs 24.6 pounds. This vacuum is very portable, so you can carry it from room to room without any hassle.


Lifetime HEPA Filter

Dyson DC23 features a lifetime washable HEPA filter. It works by collecting all kinds of dirt, including allergens like pollens and bacteria, to keep the indoor air more refreshing and safer to breathe. It is also washable so there is no need for you to replace the filter, which can only cost you more money.

Level 3 Root Cyclone Technology

Another notable feature is the Level 3 Root Cyclone technology. This is a one-of-a-kind feature you will surely like. It guarantees an efficient clean-up, free from suction failure.

Telescopic Wrap System

The turbine head canister vacuum employs a Telescopic Wrap System, which compresses both, the hose and wand, for easy storage. This reduces the risk of getting tangled caused mainly by loose wires or other cleaning components. Therefore, it does not only add more convenience in storage, but also provides additional safety.

Additional key features are:

  • A stair tool designed for stair and stair carpets clean up
  • A crevice tool, which is great in cleaning baseboards and other home furnishings
  • The brush tool packed with long bristles, which really works well in removing cobwebs
  • Smooth wheels, which make the transportation and maneuvering even easier
  • A long cord measuring 21.6-foot and an easy to empty bin with a 0.44 gallon capacity


  • Awesome suction power
  • A power cord that works really well in rewinding
  • Portability
  • A nice-looking and more sophisticated design
  • Well constructed
  • Efficiently removes all kinds of dirt including pet hair


  • Not affordable, which is not ideal for those who have a very tight budget

Feedback from current users

This is the best vacuum cleaner that I have ever owned. – Warren, from Amazon

This is very easy and maneuverable. – Lucinda, from Epinions

This model features a very good suction. – Julian, from Expert Reviews

If you already have a considerable amount of money available to purchase Dyson DC23, you may get this unit at stores, online or offline. If you are interested in purchasing this vacuum online, numerous reliable websites that provides professional reviews.

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