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Hoover UH70210 is so proud to bring you a lightweight design packed with simplicity and power for all of your floor cleaning needs. This is considered to be a high-tech bagless vacuum because of its ingenious options. These options are: the collapsible handle that is used to clean small spaces, the automatic rewind cord to make wrapping the cord quick and easy, the height adjustment for the assurance that the brushes are on its proper height, and the headlight for focusing dark areas or corners.

The cord clip is located below the handle. This can be found on the back side of the unit so it can keep the cord out on your way while you are cleaning. Minimal maintenance should be required. The wind tunnel T-Series’ filter is rinsable. You can easily clean this by using running water. The HEPA filter has a high-quality material. The carbon filter is use for you to get rid of musty pet orders.

Hoover UH70210 has a patented Windtunnel technology that can trap and channel the air that pass through, thus minimizing the chance of scattering dust and debris back on the floor. While it is designed to be lightweight, it offers a deep down cleaning and no loss of suction. It includes a pet attachment that has rubber blades and rolling brushes that traps all the pet hair that clogs most vacuums.

Furthermore, this upright vacuum cleaner will help you in managing disruptive pet hairs. Its features, like the easy cord rewind, handle for storage, five position carpet height adjustments, and a pet tool, you will never settle for something with a low quality cleaner.

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The pros and cons of this product are listed below.


  • The suction is great.
  • This vacuum does a thorough job and removes all kinds of dirt.
  • The brushes prevent laminate flooring from being marred.
  • The annoying pet hairs can be easily managed.
  • There will be no more effort cleaning.
  • The cleaning is finished in no time.
  • Assembly is easy and convenient.
  • It is transferable.


  • The sweeper will sometimes leave a line on the carpet.

This is a great vacuum for the money. I love it!

– says Tall Chica from Amazon

All you want to ask for a vacuum cleaner can found in the Hoover UH70210. It has been rated ‘excellent’ when it comes to cleaning. This is one of the reasons why more and more people purchase this product. You can learn more about this product by reading its reviews on www.amazon.com. Happy shopping!

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